New page: Why brew with herbs?

woodcut of common fennel from Gerard's Herbal of 1633Posting a list of tips on how to brew with herbs last week has spurred to me to add the one other page this site has sorely lacked: some explanation of why I brew with herbs in the first place. I was going to just add it to the About page, but in the end I thought it deserved its own page. Especially because I’d long ago written pages to address two other big questions, What is gruit? and What is beer?

Since I’m not an herbalist and don’t speak with any particular authority about the medicinal aspect of things, I thought that visitors should be able to quickly ascertain that… and also find out where I am coming from. So I kept it personal. I’m not trying to make converts here, just to share what I’ve learned so that others might build on it. Anyway, here’s the new page.

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